42 and Reading Phillies

On Fridays, Jeff and I are lucky enough to be able to sneak out for a few hours for just us time. Jason has a great sitter and it's nice to have couple time. Before Jason, our date nights were filled with dancing. After Jason, they are a few hours of a movie and Target or Walmart.

This past Friday we saw the movie 42. It is about Jackie Robinson. Racial discrimination is so ridiculous. It shouldn't matter the color of skin but who the person is inside.

As I was watching the movie, I couldn't help but think about my own problems with discrimination. When I was put in regular classes for the first time everyone treated me like I was an outcast. I was teased and put in the back of the classroom. The teacher hardly acknowledged me.

Now I'm a teacher and can't seem to get a job teaching at a school. Granted I haven't tried in some years due to children and burnt out from rejection. When I was actively trying, it was more than obvious I wasn't hired due to CP.

I easily related to Jackie Robinson and his drive. Thank goodness he didn't give in or give up. The movie was good but slow in parts.

That evening Jeff took us to Reading Phillies. We managed fine with a few bumps. I wore my tray to carry our food but my elbows and ribs took a beating. During the fourth inning, I took Laura to the shop to buy something and as we finished, I saw a wave of people scattering about.

Unfortunately, it started raining. Then we saw lightning and it was time to get out. We all enjoyed ourselves and looked forward to fireworks, but it stormed instead. We were all wet, but kept positive attitudes. I was impressed by Jeff's driving because it was really coming down hard.



  1. I agree with you, people's skin color shouldn't matter nor if they have a disability.

    1. You are exactly right!! Thanks for the comment!


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