Monday, May 6, 2013

A new attendant

I have had a lot of great attendants since 2002. I've had more good ones than bad. Most have worked for a number of years and even after they move on, become lifetime friends.

Attendants equal independence to someone with a physical disability. They become our hands and legs. It's a very important job to be able to give someone freedom.

Today a new attendant started working for me. After over a month of searching for the right fit, I found her. Her name is Jennifer.

The first day for the employer and employee is stressful. You think it'll work out and hope it will, but you never know. Laura stayed home from school recovering from an ear infection. I think she also wanted to check out who Jennifer was too.

To much of my happiness, it worked out just fine. Jeff had the freedom to go work where he needed knowing that Jason and I were fine. I admit it felt wonderful to not rely on him for things and get the house back in order to my standards.

I'm a very active woman so it's important to me to find someone with the same energy level. She does. All week we were busy! And of course, we bonded to Jason pretty quick but that's not too hard to do.


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