Abilities Expo

So after Laura left and it was decided to let my Dad keep her, Jeff quickly packed up the van. Jason slept all the way there. I slept as well because i wasn't feeling great. We arrived at the Abilities Expo by 12:30.

The parking lot was packed with wheelchair accessible vans. We parked and went in. After a quick registration process, we started to walk around. I personally have never seen as many people in wheelchairs. It was very cool.

We saw many great vans with all kinds of bells and whistles. We could dream, right? So many neat wheelchairs, wheelchair seating systems, hoyer lifts, walkers, pediatric seating, bags, and all kinds of mobility equipment.

Our highlights were seeing a walker for an adult with cerebral palsy, the Honda van, a neat seat (very expensive) and the all terrain wheelchairs. Jeff and I listened to a seminar on traveling with a disability,but we knew a lot on that subject.

I got to see the girl from Push Girls dance. Her name is Auti Angel. That was pretty cool because I watched that all last summer.

Jason slept most right through the whole event. I enjoyed it but wish I felt a bit better. We left around four to the Red Roof hotel. It was a very nice accessible room. We thought we were getting double beds but we got a king bed. We were happy with that.

We all rested. Jason seemed fussy again. We figured out we mixed formula together and he wasn't a fan of that. Jeff and I felt bad each time he cried since we were in a hotel and didn't want to disturb others.

So after eating so-so pizza from Pizza Hut (which we normally love,) we went to Walmart and Target to buy the right stuff. We all went to bed around 11.

My dad texted me throughout the day to tell me Laura was feeling much better!



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