Art show

Today I went to physical therapy and even though it was a great session, the problem still exists. My neck feels better, but I still wake up in the middle of the night with a sharp tingling in my thumb, index finger, and middle finger.

They thought it was from my neck but now unsure. I just hope it is figured out soon because it's very uncomfortable.

Afterwards we went grocery shopping. I did really well with deals and coupons. I saved $69 and got a lot of food. I was impressed with myself.

We came home and put everything away. I wasn't so happy because I discovered that my air conditioning in my van stopped working. The same air conditioning that I had fixed a year ago for a lot of money. Tomorrow I will take it to the place and see what they will do.

My dad and I took Laura to her school art show. Jeff and Jason stayed home because we knew that it was going to be crowded. Jason has a hard time at night also.

Laura loves art! She had a wonderful time just showing us everything even not her stuff. I definitely think she is going to have some type of career in art and math.

Laura has done excellent in school this year. I'm beyond proud of her. She is reading at the second grade level and knows much more than I ever did in Kindergarten. I also love how social she became. Whenever we attend school functions, all we hear are little voices saying "Hi Laura!!"



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