Sunday, May 5, 2013

Back home

We left the hotel around 10:45. I was very pleased with their accessibility. The shower was great. It was a roll in but I don't roll in with a wheelchair. I crawl in and shower on the floor.

I fell asleep on and off again on the way home. I know that what I have is much more than a cold. I'm guessing another sinus infection. Something I could certainly live without. My nose is just so stuffy, I'm tired, and just feel like my body is housing a shell of me. Ugh!

When we got home, Jeff ran in the house and grabbed formula we needed to return to Target. We did just that. Jason was irritable and Jeff felt frustrated. At moments like these, I feel the most "disabled" because physically I can't help! Jeff snapped at me but then apologized and gave me a hug.

At home, we started to plan for the week ahead. I felt nervous because on Monday I have a new attendant starting. The first day is much like a first date. You never know how it will work out!!

My dad dropped Laura off and I had a feeling I'd keep her home on Monday to recover. Her ear infection was pretty bad.



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