Saturday, May 4, 2013

Ear infection

Today seemed like a long day! I took Jason at night because Jeff was driving to New Jersey, walking around the expo, taking care of Jason and I. Jason wasn't having it. He cried and cried lots of the night. I wasn't at my best because I was still sick and that made me tired.

No one had a good sleep unfortunately. We went on as normal though. I tiredly took a shower and when I came in my bedroom - I heard my computer chime and saw my dad texted me. He said Laura had a fever and was crying that her ear hurt.

I immediately wanted to cancel the trip. As a Mom, when you have a sick child, your world stops. All you want to do is make the child better. I looked up Urgent Care and they took her insurance.

My Dad picked me up and drove us to Urgent Care. Jeff took care of Jason. When I first saw Laura, I knew in a second she was pretty sick. She ran up to me and buried her head in my lap crying. My dad said she woke up at 2am crying very softly calling my name. Hearing that sprung tears to my eyes.

Urgent care was very good. Laura wanted me to carry in, was whimpering, and holding her ear. She did, in fact, have an ear infection. They gave me a script for antibiotic for Laura.

We went to Walgreens to pick up her prescription. Laura fell asleep so I just went in myself. My dad was skeptical I could do it myself but I did. Walgreens has my credit card on file and I can grab the Motrin with my left hand. I was out in no time with antibiotic and Motrin.

When I came out, my dad expressed again how proud he was of Laura. She woke up, said she was going to get sick, opened the door and did it outside. She didn't want to make a mess in the van

On Monday, I kept her home because she wasn't quite acting herself. She went back on Tuesday.


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