Highlights and therapy

Today I walked to physical therapy. I enjoyed the walk because everything looks so beautiful. Spring is my favorite season. Everything comes out alive and pretty. It was a nice walk.

Therapy is working I think. My fingers still go numb and tingle though. However, my neck and back aren't quite as sore. I find it interesting how intrigued my therapist is that I have two kids. I guess it might be rare but CP doesn't mean you can't have children.

Afterwards I got my hair trimmed. Jeff and I didn't quite like how they did it so I went somewhere else. Jeff dropped me off and I had it highlighted. I was happy Jeff didn't see me getting my hair highlighted but he snuck in. Ugh!!! I looked like an alien.

The hairdresser was great. She worked with me and I bent over the sink instead of tilting back. It turned out great.

We went home, ate lunch and played with Jason. When Laura came home, we played with Laura and read books.



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