How I like to bottle feed

I'm unable to hold and feed Jason at the same time. Here is my advice to someone with motor control issues and anyone really who feeds a baby.

I know it's hard, but I like to be in the moment. Before long, he will be feeding himself a bottle. So I take a deep breath and focus on him.

I sit the dreaded "W" position on his left side. I balance the bottle in between my thumb and hand. He lays on the floor. Once he grabs on with his mouth, I try not to think. When I think, I move.

We lock eyes and the background melts away unless Laura is with me. I love how we stare at each other. He knows I love him. If I relax enough, I can tell him that but sometimes the more I talk, the more I move.

He gets frustrated when I drop the bottle, but I just pick it up again and carry on.  We found the Dr.Brown bottles work the best with Gerber Soothe formula.


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