Mother's Day 2013

Mother's Day is a very special day to celebrate all Moms out there. Without Moms, there wouldn't be life. Besides who would find things we lose all of the time?

Jeff, Laura and Jason took this day very seriously. All week they were whispering and having secret meetings. On Saturday, Jeff and Laura went shopping for this day. Laura was very excited.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to sleep in, but Jeff takes the night shift with Jason so it's only fair I have mornings. I figure I will most likely be up between 6-6:30 until Jason is two 7 days a week. It wouldn't be so bad if I would go to bed at a decent time instead of hanging out with my gorgeous husband.

But anyway. Jason and I were up at 6:30 and then Laura came out about an hour later. She looked so cute with messy hair and sleepy eyes. She immediately wished me a Happy Mother's Day. Then expressed how excited she was for what they planned. Laura even lost a tooth.

Laura hugged and kissed me all day. Jason seemed extra good in the morning and filled with smiles.

Around noon, we all went to Julie's house for a delicious brunch. We saw my mom too. Jeff told me we had to leave by 3 so they could do my surprise.

When we came home, Jeff told me to take a nap. It took some time for me to unwind but I did fall asleep on the couch. I tried not to listen in the kitchen, but I could tell they were cooking away and Laura was doing a lot of the work. She even had her apron on.

After almost two hours, Jeff put me back in my wheelchair. They had me go out in the kitchen first. Jeff and Laura made me my favorite meal - chicken Parmesan, spaghetti and spinach. It was delicious!!

Laura made me homemade cards and hearts. She also gave me a box of chocolates. Laura was very proud that she cooked me dinner.

After dinner was part two. They asked me to pick a movie and I picked the Muppets great movie caper. Then as the movie began. Jeff bought out dessert - chocolate s'mores pop corn! Laura told me it was fun to make.

To top everything off, after I went to bed, I heard Jeff cleaning the house. He also cleaned our bedroom closet. I also appreciated hearing all his comments about me being a good mom and he told me to take the day off from parenting (an impossible task.)


A very nice Mother's Day indeed!!!



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