Sinus infection AGAIN!

Since I clearly was not improving, I made an appointment for the doctor. My nose wasn't clearing no matter what I did and I was exhausted constantly. Jennifer came in and we did the morning routine. I was very impressed on how much she remembered.

Jeff stayed home with Jason. Jennifer felt a little nervous driving my van. Most people are nervous about driving it for the first time. She did fine. I almost 'hate' going to my doctors because it seems like I'm there all of the time.

Jennifer got a kick out of me knowing everyone. The doctor did an exam and quickly concluded that I had a sinus infection.

Afterwards, we went to King of Prussia Mall so I could return some skirts I got Laura online. I bought a cute summer top for myself at Sears then went to Walmart. Before home, we picked up my antibiotic.

By night time I felt so much better! Hopefully I'm good until next fall and can stay healthy.


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