Three months.

Jason is well on his third month. He is quite the most adorable little baby boy, but I know I'm biased being his mother. His smile can make the worst day into a happy one. 

At three months, Jason is very aware of everything. He listens to conversations and tries to follow what you are saying. He babbles, coos and laughs. I even heard him laugh in his sleep. 

Some people who don't know me very well have commented that they worry that Jason and I aren't bonding. Like the only way you can possibly bond with your baby is by holding them?!? Jason and I bond just fine. 

On a normal day, I'm with Jason over ninety percent of the time. We stare into each other's eyes, read, play and smile. I am now the main feeder until Jeff takes over at four. Jason knows exactly who I am, and that I'd die for him! 

Jason is sleeping about six hour stretches at night. I no longer do night duty because he sleeps so much better, and Jeff does a better job at it.  I get him about 6:30 or whenever he wakes past 6. His morning smiles are the best. 

We know Jason will be an early talker.  He's already says "MA" when he's upset and looks right at me.   Jason also says "a goo" after he sneezes which we translate to "bless you!"

It's fun to watch him grow. Time is now going too fast and he's doing new things daily.


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