What do I do?

Day 6 of blogger challenge: what do you do?

In this challenge we are supposed to write about what we do. I'm first and most importantly a wife and mother of two. I take motherhood very seriously. It's a 24/7 job. But technically my hours are 6am-5pm and then Jeff takes care of Jason, but Laura I work 6:30a-7:15a and 4p-8p however very soon she will also be all day.

In between those hours, I am a house manager and house shopper. I'm a blogger, author, hockey player, dancer, daughter, aunt, sister, disability advocate, web designer, administrative assistant and bookkeeper. I'm also a teacher. I'm a pet owner of 5.

You would think with this I'd be a millionaire. Not quite. Pay is very little but rewards are HUGE!!


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