What I miss

Day 12 blog challenge what do you miss?

I miss a few moments in life, but wouldn't change anything because I wouldn't have two beautiful children and possibly Jeff.

I do miss college days. It felt very free and fun. My best friend lived next door. We were practically inseparable. Everything was pretty much accessible, and besides studying, life was carefree. I laughed so much!!

I miss the period of time when I was learning how to be independent after Israel had died. I had terrific friends that supported me and had fun all at the same time. Life wasn't always easy, but overcoming challenges made me a better person. We have thousands of memories and laughter.

I miss date nights with Jeff when we would dance. We met some crazy people but really fell in love. I also miss sleeping in together and just doing whatever we felt like. I know these will happen again when the kids are older.

I miss when Laura was in pre school and before when I took her to swim classes and watched her swimming develop.

Even though it was stressful, I miss mommy and Laura days. These were when an attendant would call off unexpectedly and I had to make the day work. Laura loved these days too.

But I realize life has many more memories to make.


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