Saturday, June 29, 2013

Jessica’s shopping list of the week

Here is a peak of my favorite deals this week.

 Look at your Giant ad this week for the 30 cents off a gallon gas coupon! You need to spend $50 or more in groceries but still not a bad deal. You might as well use it and save on gas. Bogo is buy one get one Match coupons with these deals.

 Deals at giant that I like:
Utz potato chips bogo
Ballpark hot dogs bogo
 Doritos bogo
Chips ahoy cookies 2 for $4
4 liters of Coke or Diet coke - 99 cents each
buy 3 General Mills cereal and get $3.50 off of gallon Of milk
 Purina cat chow 2 for $9
Purex laundry detergent bogo
McCormick grilling seasoning bogo
chex mix or green giant chips bogo
twizzlers 3/$5
Entenmanns donuts bogo
Kellogg pop tarts 3/$6
Buy 1 Capri sun get Capri sun spouted PACk for free
Giant graham crackers - my favorite snack 2/$4
Breyers ice cream, Klondike bars, good humor or Popsicle brand - 4/$11 mix and match

 This week buy 12 pack of Coke, Diet coke or sprite 5/$11 - best soda deal of the week at acme Fresh
 sweet corn 10 for $1.98 at acme. Both acme and giant have Gatorade for $.88.

 Giant coupons on side: 99 cents Heinz ketsup $3.88 watermelon 

Acme - 
capri sun 2/$4 
Ken salad dressing buy one get 2 free 
Herrs chips bogo Steak ums bogo 
Turkey hill ice cream sandwiches 2/$5 
General Mills cereal $1.88 each when you buy 5 
Turkey hill ice cream $1.99

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Amazing week

Have you ever had a week that you didn't want to end? This has been one of those weeks. Tomorrow brings the end to it but the memories last forever. 

I have been privileged enough to teach my daughter's Vacation Bible School all week. Laura was so excited for me to teach and proud. She was a little too affectionate on Monday that I had to explain she needed to treat me as a normal teacher too. Laura asked me to make sure I told everyone that I am her Mommy and I did. 

It was such a blessing to have both of my favorite vocations together-being a mom and teacher. I enjoyed being with the other students and guiding them. School ended at noon each day and it was time to see Jason.

Jeff did an excellent job helping around the house. He also cooked me some fantastic dinners like homemade cheesesteaks and chicken cordon bleu. 

Wednesday was our wedding anniversary. When I came home from teaching, he presented me with a beautiful leather bag, candles, bath stuff and chocolate. My dad babysat so we could go out to dinner where we had our first date-Iron Hill. 

When we came home, Jeff and Laura hung out sweetly with Jason as I did some work on my computer. Then we hung out watching television until falling asleep. 

Today was another great teaching day and really makes me want to do it full time. I just need the right people to believe in me to hire me. But all in due time and trust in God. 

In the afternoon, a friend babysat Jason so we could take Laura to see Monster University. I thought it was great but I think some of it went over her head.  As we were leaving the theater, the sky opened up with a tremendous rain storm. We were all soaking wet!

Laura, Jason and I hung out this evening as Jeff recovered from a terrible headache. Both of them are amazing. Jason laughs now and lights up whenever his sister speaks. 

If you made it this long, thank you for reading about this week. I'm smiling reliving it in my mind. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

3 years.

Three years ago I made a commitment to a man who not only loves me but works with me to meet our dreams. Jeff and I had a fast but happy romance. After 6 months, we were engaged. A year later, committed completely. 

I've been hearing a lot on the news that monogamy not being realistic and I gave it some thought.  I don't buy it. Monogamy is very possible but takes work especially when things are rocky. It's easy for some just to give up and have an affair. It's basically a cop out instead of doing the things you need to make it work.

I think relationships should be taught in school even elementary. I'm not talking about sex but how to get along, compromise and respect each other. Once you are in love, you need those tools to keep a relationship and especially a marriage moving in a healthy direction. 

In our three years committed and almost five together, we have had our share of bad times. Times we look back and think why did we even get mad? But it's impossible not to at times.  Then we pick up the pieces, learn something and rebuild.

Monogamy is beautiful. I can't imagine just going from one guy to the next just because it gets difficult for a few moments. It's nice to have someone that you call home. My home is Jeff. 

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Clothes and fairs

The weekend went fast! On Friday, my AC in the van finally was fixed and hopefully for good. As it was fixed, my attendant and I went through a mountain of clothes. Pretty crazy stuff.

I couldn't figure out what happened to my shorts. I knew that I had a lot but so many were missing. My attendant spotted bags labeled my summer clothes and Laura's summer clothes. It felt like Christmas. After sorting through of what clothes I would like to keep, get rid of and what doesn't fit Laura anymore.

After getting my van back, Jeff and I took Jason to a local fair. Laura spent the night at Jeff's parents house. The fair was small but fun. A local singer sang his country songs and Jeff took pictures. I like supporting local fairs and just getting out. I'm glad that Jeff and I both enjoy these events. It is nice to have common interests. We left because Jason got pretty fussy.

Jason has been fighting a cold and teething, So, yes, cranky but he has been handling it pretty well. He is so adorable and his smile can melt any heart.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

No sick days

The first day of summer vacation and Laura wakes up at 5:45! She's bored by 8. Luckily we do have a fun filled summer planned but I just realize how active she is!
The cold hit me today. I couldn't escape it. I felt pretty miserable but had to go decorate my class for Vacation Bible School. Laura was a big help. Laura is so thrilled that I will be her teacher. She couldn't wait to help decorate.
Later in the afternoon, I napped for an hour. Now you know how I felt because I do not nap. I kept going for the most part though. Moms don't get sick days!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Graduation day

I cried the first day of Kindergarten. I cried when she first took the school bus. Of course I would cry for graduation. For months, Laura has been practicing songs that they were going to sing at graduation. One song in particular I knew was going to get me. "I'm growing up!"
It's just another reminder that children do grow up daily. Nothing stays the same. Laura and I have a very deep bond. When Israel died, it was all on me to provide and make sure she had the care she deserved. We had lots of help from friends and family but I was still her only parent for three years.
Watching and guiding your child reach levels that exceeded any expectation is just far too amazing to describe. Then seeing others validate her and the girl she became is even a more proud moment.
The morning of graduation started out a little rocky. She woke up early and showered but suddenly didn't like anything we picked out so thankfully she could change and found the perfect dress. Her bus was a few minutes late which scared me because I thought we missed it! We didn't.
Jason was acting a little fussy and I attempted to change his dirty diaper on my own. Jeff rescued us and then I got ready. As Jeff helped me dress, he noted that I was getting dressed up. I said her graduation is like him getting a promotion at work. I feel like getting Laura to this stage of life is a work of God, herself, parenting and others.
We arrived there early and had the privilege to walk with her class to the graduation place. It was adorable to see the kids dressed up! We went in through the ramp and found a good spot to sit. I'm happy we arrived early because the place filled up quickly.
My parents came, Jeff's parents came and my sister and nephew were also there. When I heard the graduation music, I knew it was the beginning of the end. I tried to hang on as much as possible. The kids looked so cute walking down.
Laura and I made eye contact the whole time. They sang many songs even two in Spanish. When they sang the growing up song, tears were shed. Then I got it together for when they called the names etc.
I lost it again as they were leaving and they played a tear jerker song! The rest of the day was stormy but fun family day. We had cake and pizza at our house then later, my dad and I saw Man of Steel.
Summer has begun and we now have a first grader.

Monday, June 17, 2013

The night before graduation

What a week!! It went by so fast that as I was talking to Jeff in the van, I realized that I didn't blog all week. I still don't know how many of my blogger friends can manage to write daily.


On Monday I took Jason with me on three errands. He wasn't happy at all at the Dollar Tree. I did get what I needed but it wasn't easy. I'm always sympathetic to babies crying at stores, but when its yours, it's almost impossible not to feel embarrassed.


After shopping and calming Jason, I dropped Jason's smaller diapers off at the clinic. Lastly I had to buy thank you and gift cards for Laura's teachers.


After lunch and working on coupons, Jeff and I went to Laura's school picnic. It was very hot but nice to see everyone and the interaction with her peers.


When we came home, Laura emptied her school bag. I felt extremely pleased to read her final kindergarten report card. She not only had high nineties in every subject, but the teacher talked about Laura's kindness and warm heart. As a mom, hearing those comments are even better than the grades.


Raising Laura to be a decent and kind human being has always been my goal. She is polite, respectful and has manners. Of course it is an ongoing thing to practice. Parents need to act it themselves which is not always easy.


Jeff still has a bad cold and I'm praying that mine holds off until after graduation. My dad took Laura to dinner and checked out the accessibility of the graduation site. Thank goodness it has a ramp!!


If not, I would have used a manual wheelchair but would prefer not to.


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Karate girl...sick girl


Laura earned her yellow belt in Karate on Friday. I am very proud of her because she went to class even on half days or school days off. She takes karate serious and not only earned the yellow belt but deserves it. Laura told my Dad she couldn't help smiling.


Unfortunately, her happiness was clouded on Sunday when she was hit hard by a stomach flu. I've seen Laura sick and in pain before but this time it seemed more intense. She was burning up, rolling around in pain and couldn't keep anything down. She's thin weighing 39 pounds so I do get concerned when she can't keep things down.


My heart broke when she said she hated her life, she wanted to be someone else, she wanted to be her cousin and she wished she was never born. Laura really felt absolutely miserable and all I could do was listen. As a parent, it's the most hopeless feeling to see your child in pain.


Laura slept for three hours straight. When she woke, she looked better and came out eating a cracker. Jeff and I spent the rest of the evening making sure she drank Gatorade.



Thursday, June 6, 2013

Bye PT. Hello teaching.

Today was my last day of physical therapy for a bit. My splint has been working and I learned exercises to help maintain it. I will probably go back in the fall for a tune up.

Jeff picked me up afterwards, and we got a BJs membership. Afterwards we went to Rita's water ice. We came home to give Jason his first taste of water ice. He approved.

Laura was very helpful when she came home. Jeff had a migraine and Laura willingly helped me with Jason. She's always helpful with him but today especially.

After dinner, my friend picked me up for a meeting about vacation Bible school. I'm teaching first grade and Laura will be in my class. I love any opportunity to teach. Like being a mother, I feel that is what God intended me to do. I get tired of continuously proving my ability to do both, but I guess that is a form of teaching as well.



Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Jessica's deals of the day

Pizza hut is offering a large pizza for $5.55 until June 15th for their 55th anniversary!

Tide deals at Amazon includes 2 free and gentle Tide bottles for $9 after you click the coupon and Subscribe and Save. I just got this!

I just found this deal as well for Charmin:

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome. I've heard about it several times, and many doctors anticipated that I would eventually have it. Well it's here and time to get real about it.


For a few months, I have been waking up several times a night with a horrible tingling, numbness and burning sensations in my thumb, index finger and middle finger. Plus I had pain in my neck. The doctor sent me to physical therapy.


Carpal tunnel is when a nerve gets blocked by repetitive movements. People who have cerebral palsy often have their wrists bent down. I do but on top of that I type a lot because I simply love working.


I've been going about three months now and even though it has improved my neck, my fingers continued to wake me. Yesterday I was officially diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. I need to wear a hand splint at night and limit my typing way down for awhile.


My hand does not like being in a splint, but I am finally getting used to it. The first night I wore it, I didn't wake up from any pain. It was amazing.


For typing, I use my WordQ program with word prediction. It's not all bad because it forces me to do other things than work.


Don't worry. I'll continue to blog and bring you interesting information as long as I can.


Monday, June 3, 2013

Stop being a grump monster

One of the best aspects of being a parent is using your creative side. I feel bad for parents that get overly annoyed by a situation when they can easily make it fun. Don't forget parenting is fun too!


I always try to turn things into happy experiences and memories. Children only get one childhood after all. Why make it miserable?


Today Laura had to clean her room. We normally do it on Sunday, but we didn't. So instead of making it be a tedious duty that neither one of us felt like doing, I made it into an imagination game.


When Laura turned the corner to see me, I was sitting in front of her bedroom. I said in a very serious voice, "we have something serious to do. We need to perform an operation and its complicated. " Laura immediately scrubbed up as I gave patient details of her bedroom.


We both had fun, and guess what? She didn't utter one single complaint and time went fast.


Parents love your kids and enjoy them. You don't have to sound like a drill sergeant or mean. Have rules but also enjoy each other .


Sunday, June 2, 2013

Field day 2013

On Friday, Laura had her field day. Parents were invited and encouraged to attend. I always like to go to school functions whenever possible. I love seeing Laura so any chance I get, I take.

My attendant took me and Jeff stayed with Jason. The temperature rose to 93 and I was hot! I went around ten and Laura came running to me and gave me the best hug!!! She kissed me too because she was nervous I wouldn't make it. Plus I brought her lunch.

I loved watching her play and interact with her friends. We ate lunch in her classroom. Her friends know me pretty well but some still have questions. I answer them honestly but keep it short.

After lunch, my attendant left and I actually felt nervous. Kind of silly but I did. Laura bought water ice and a soft pretzel. I have a wallet that attaches to my chair but close to my hip so it's safe. Once in awhile, Laura gave me a squirt of water but I am quite positive I became dehydrated that day.

When field day ended, she had karate. I was tired so I knew Laura was too. Many kids didn't go but I wanted Laura to go. Not because I'm a bad mom but $70 a month is a lot of money and its a good skill to have.

All in all it was a fun day. I was nervous over nothing. I handled everything well and took care of my daughter.


Saturday, June 1, 2013

Festival day

Jeff and I enjoy taking our kids to festivals and events. Heck, we just like going ourselves too.

In the morning, I was able to sleep in some. Jeff tries to let me sleep in until at least eight on Saturdays. After I wake up, he goes back to bed for a little. Jason, Laura and I hung out. My Dad texted us to see about taking Laura to breakfast. I said yes.

By the time he came to pick her up, Jeff and I were discussing our agenda. We decided to go to yard sales and two festivals.

By the time we were all ready to go, many yard sales stopped. However, I was fortunate enough to see a exersaucer for Jason. It was the end of the sale so I like to believe we got it cheaper that way. $5!!!

After that I asked my Dad to join us at Kimberton Park. They held a fifteen year birthday celebration. They had activities for children to do and a lot of free things. Someone was handing out free beanie babies to kids. Jason got a cougar and he snuggles with it.

Laura willingly participated in a magic show. I was extremely proud of her. She's normally very shy. She did a great job.

We then attended the Charlestown festival. Unfortunately, it wasn't well advertised because not many people came. Laura painted a wooden airplane, bounced on moon bounces, and learned about an owl.


When we came home, we were all hot and tired. We had a fun day though.


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