Wednesday, June 26, 2013

3 years.

Three years ago I made a commitment to a man who not only loves me but works with me to meet our dreams. Jeff and I had a fast but happy romance. After 6 months, we were engaged. A year later, committed completely. 

I've been hearing a lot on the news that monogamy not being realistic and I gave it some thought.  I don't buy it. Monogamy is very possible but takes work especially when things are rocky. It's easy for some just to give up and have an affair. It's basically a cop out instead of doing the things you need to make it work.

I think relationships should be taught in school even elementary. I'm not talking about sex but how to get along, compromise and respect each other. Once you are in love, you need those tools to keep a relationship and especially a marriage moving in a healthy direction. 

In our three years committed and almost five together, we have had our share of bad times. Times we look back and think why did we even get mad? But it's impossible not to at times.  Then we pick up the pieces, learn something and rebuild.

Monogamy is beautiful. I can't imagine just going from one guy to the next just because it gets difficult for a few moments. It's nice to have someone that you call home. My home is Jeff. 

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