Thursday, June 27, 2013

Amazing week

Have you ever had a week that you didn't want to end? This has been one of those weeks. Tomorrow brings the end to it but the memories last forever. 

I have been privileged enough to teach my daughter's Vacation Bible School all week. Laura was so excited for me to teach and proud. She was a little too affectionate on Monday that I had to explain she needed to treat me as a normal teacher too. Laura asked me to make sure I told everyone that I am her Mommy and I did. 

It was such a blessing to have both of my favorite vocations together-being a mom and teacher. I enjoyed being with the other students and guiding them. School ended at noon each day and it was time to see Jason.

Jeff did an excellent job helping around the house. He also cooked me some fantastic dinners like homemade cheesesteaks and chicken cordon bleu. 

Wednesday was our wedding anniversary. When I came home from teaching, he presented me with a beautiful leather bag, candles, bath stuff and chocolate. My dad babysat so we could go out to dinner where we had our first date-Iron Hill. 

When we came home, Jeff and Laura hung out sweetly with Jason as I did some work on my computer. Then we hung out watching television until falling asleep. 

Today was another great teaching day and really makes me want to do it full time. I just need the right people to believe in me to hire me. But all in due time and trust in God. 

In the afternoon, a friend babysat Jason so we could take Laura to see Monster University. I thought it was great but I think some of it went over her head.  As we were leaving the theater, the sky opened up with a tremendous rain storm. We were all soaking wet!

Laura, Jason and I hung out this evening as Jeff recovered from a terrible headache. Both of them are amazing. Jason laughs now and lights up whenever his sister speaks. 

If you made it this long, thank you for reading about this week. I'm smiling reliving it in my mind. 

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