Clothes and fairs

The weekend went fast! On Friday, my AC in the van finally was fixed and hopefully for good. As it was fixed, my attendant and I went through a mountain of clothes. Pretty crazy stuff.

I couldn't figure out what happened to my shorts. I knew that I had a lot but so many were missing. My attendant spotted bags labeled my summer clothes and Laura's summer clothes. It felt like Christmas. After sorting through of what clothes I would like to keep, get rid of and what doesn't fit Laura anymore.

After getting my van back, Jeff and I took Jason to a local fair. Laura spent the night at Jeff's parents house. The fair was small but fun. A local singer sang his country songs and Jeff took pictures. I like supporting local fairs and just getting out. I'm glad that Jeff and I both enjoy these events. It is nice to have common interests. We left because Jason got pretty fussy.

Jason has been fighting a cold and teething, So, yes, cranky but he has been handling it pretty well. He is so adorable and his smile can melt any heart.


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