Festival day

Jeff and I enjoy taking our kids to festivals and events. Heck, we just like going ourselves too.

In the morning, I was able to sleep in some. Jeff tries to let me sleep in until at least eight on Saturdays. After I wake up, he goes back to bed for a little. Jason, Laura and I hung out. My Dad texted us to see about taking Laura to breakfast. I said yes.

By the time he came to pick her up, Jeff and I were discussing our agenda. We decided to go to yard sales and two festivals.

By the time we were all ready to go, many yard sales stopped. However, I was fortunate enough to see a exersaucer for Jason. It was the end of the sale so I like to believe we got it cheaper that way. $5!!!

After that I asked my Dad to join us at Kimberton Park. They held a fifteen year birthday celebration. They had activities for children to do and a lot of free things. Someone was handing out free beanie babies to kids. Jason got a cougar and he snuggles with it.

Laura willingly participated in a magic show. I was extremely proud of her. She's normally very shy. She did a great job.

We then attended the Charlestown festival. Unfortunately, it wasn't well advertised because not many people came. Laura painted a wooden airplane, bounced on moon bounces, and learned about an owl.


When we came home, we were all hot and tired. We had a fun day though.



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