Sunday, June 2, 2013

Field day 2013

On Friday, Laura had her field day. Parents were invited and encouraged to attend. I always like to go to school functions whenever possible. I love seeing Laura so any chance I get, I take.

My attendant took me and Jeff stayed with Jason. The temperature rose to 93 and I was hot! I went around ten and Laura came running to me and gave me the best hug!!! She kissed me too because she was nervous I wouldn't make it. Plus I brought her lunch.

I loved watching her play and interact with her friends. We ate lunch in her classroom. Her friends know me pretty well but some still have questions. I answer them honestly but keep it short.

After lunch, my attendant left and I actually felt nervous. Kind of silly but I did. Laura bought water ice and a soft pretzel. I have a wallet that attaches to my chair but close to my hip so it's safe. Once in awhile, Laura gave me a squirt of water but I am quite positive I became dehydrated that day.

When field day ended, she had karate. I was tired so I knew Laura was too. Many kids didn't go but I wanted Laura to go. Not because I'm a bad mom but $70 a month is a lot of money and its a good skill to have.

All in all it was a fun day. I was nervous over nothing. I handled everything well and took care of my daughter.


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