Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Graduation day

I cried the first day of Kindergarten. I cried when she first took the school bus. Of course I would cry for graduation. For months, Laura has been practicing songs that they were going to sing at graduation. One song in particular I knew was going to get me. "I'm growing up!"
It's just another reminder that children do grow up daily. Nothing stays the same. Laura and I have a very deep bond. When Israel died, it was all on me to provide and make sure she had the care she deserved. We had lots of help from friends and family but I was still her only parent for three years.
Watching and guiding your child reach levels that exceeded any expectation is just far too amazing to describe. Then seeing others validate her and the girl she became is even a more proud moment.
The morning of graduation started out a little rocky. She woke up early and showered but suddenly didn't like anything we picked out so thankfully she could change and found the perfect dress. Her bus was a few minutes late which scared me because I thought we missed it! We didn't.
Jason was acting a little fussy and I attempted to change his dirty diaper on my own. Jeff rescued us and then I got ready. As Jeff helped me dress, he noted that I was getting dressed up. I said her graduation is like him getting a promotion at work. I feel like getting Laura to this stage of life is a work of God, herself, parenting and others.
We arrived there early and had the privilege to walk with her class to the graduation place. It was adorable to see the kids dressed up! We went in through the ramp and found a good spot to sit. I'm happy we arrived early because the place filled up quickly.
My parents came, Jeff's parents came and my sister and nephew were also there. When I heard the graduation music, I knew it was the beginning of the end. I tried to hang on as much as possible. The kids looked so cute walking down.
Laura and I made eye contact the whole time. They sang many songs even two in Spanish. When they sang the growing up song, tears were shed. Then I got it together for when they called the names etc.
I lost it again as they were leaving and they played a tear jerker song! The rest of the day was stormy but fun family day. We had cake and pizza at our house then later, my dad and I saw Man of Steel.
Summer has begun and we now have a first grader.

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