Thursday, June 13, 2013

Karate girl...sick girl


Laura earned her yellow belt in Karate on Friday. I am very proud of her because she went to class even on half days or school days off. She takes karate serious and not only earned the yellow belt but deserves it. Laura told my Dad she couldn't help smiling.


Unfortunately, her happiness was clouded on Sunday when she was hit hard by a stomach flu. I've seen Laura sick and in pain before but this time it seemed more intense. She was burning up, rolling around in pain and couldn't keep anything down. She's thin weighing 39 pounds so I do get concerned when she can't keep things down.


My heart broke when she said she hated her life, she wanted to be someone else, she wanted to be her cousin and she wished she was never born. Laura really felt absolutely miserable and all I could do was listen. As a parent, it's the most hopeless feeling to see your child in pain.


Laura slept for three hours straight. When she woke, she looked better and came out eating a cracker. Jeff and I spent the rest of the evening making sure she drank Gatorade.



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