Stop being a grump monster

One of the best aspects of being a parent is using your creative side. I feel bad for parents that get overly annoyed by a situation when they can easily make it fun. Don't forget parenting is fun too!


I always try to turn things into happy experiences and memories. Children only get one childhood after all. Why make it miserable?


Today Laura had to clean her room. We normally do it on Sunday, but we didn't. So instead of making it be a tedious duty that neither one of us felt like doing, I made it into an imagination game.


When Laura turned the corner to see me, I was sitting in front of her bedroom. I said in a very serious voice, "we have something serious to do. We need to perform an operation and its complicated. " Laura immediately scrubbed up as I gave patient details of her bedroom.


We both had fun, and guess what? She didn't utter one single complaint and time went fast.


Parents love your kids and enjoy them. You don't have to sound like a drill sergeant or mean. Have rules but also enjoy each other .



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