Monday, June 17, 2013

The night before graduation

What a week!! It went by so fast that as I was talking to Jeff in the van, I realized that I didn't blog all week. I still don't know how many of my blogger friends can manage to write daily.


On Monday I took Jason with me on three errands. He wasn't happy at all at the Dollar Tree. I did get what I needed but it wasn't easy. I'm always sympathetic to babies crying at stores, but when its yours, it's almost impossible not to feel embarrassed.


After shopping and calming Jason, I dropped Jason's smaller diapers off at the clinic. Lastly I had to buy thank you and gift cards for Laura's teachers.


After lunch and working on coupons, Jeff and I went to Laura's school picnic. It was very hot but nice to see everyone and the interaction with her peers.


When we came home, Laura emptied her school bag. I felt extremely pleased to read her final kindergarten report card. She not only had high nineties in every subject, but the teacher talked about Laura's kindness and warm heart. As a mom, hearing those comments are even better than the grades.


Raising Laura to be a decent and kind human being has always been my goal. She is polite, respectful and has manners. Of course it is an ongoing thing to practice. Parents need to act it themselves which is not always easy.


Jeff still has a bad cold and I'm praying that mine holds off until after graduation. My dad took Laura to dinner and checked out the accessibility of the graduation site. Thank goodness it has a ramp!!


If not, I would have used a manual wheelchair but would prefer not to.


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