Attendant care stress!

Ask anyone that is dependent on someone else how stressful it can be. Finding the right person to care for you is a very difficult task. 

I hired my attendant back in May. I was hoping that she would stay until the end of summer but she is going back to school the beginning of August. Luckily, I was able to interview about eight people and even turned away interviews. Much different than in April when I had to advertise several times to find a decent person. 

The biggest stressful thing about attendant care is reliability. Everything seems fine in the morning until you read the text message, phone message or email that says that your attendant won't make it in that day. 

Once the message sinks in, the mind races and a feeling of panic comes over you. Even though you might understand the reasons why it is happening and feel for the person, the stress still takes over. 

This situation happened twice this week. I know my attendant is leaving anyway but I'd like to think this position is still important. The stress of it feels like a Mack truck on my chest and hard to breathe.

I do have back up but it's still very stressful. Being a boss to an attendant is like being a manager to the most important company in the world- your body and family. 

I guess the moral of the blog is find someone reliable and great backup. Most importantly, keep breathing! 


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