Baptism for Jason

Ever since my niece was baptized, Jeff and I talked about Jason's baptism. I am Catholic and want to raise my children in the Catholic faith. Jeff is not Catholic, but he goes to Mass with us. He supports my decision to teach our children the faith.


We both originally wanted Jason to be baptized in May, but July worked better. My father bought Jason his baptism suit. It looked adorable.


We ordered a lot of food for our family party. Some canceled last minute so we had lots left over. We were eating leftovers for over a week!


Our biggest regret was that we went to the Mass prior to the baptism. The Mass went long and even had a speaker at the end. It seemed endless when you had a baby to keep happy. However, Jason handled the baptism with flying colors!


We had to only adapt it a little bit for me. I couldn't trace a cross on his forehead so I kissed his head instead. Jeff held him. Jason was a little fussy because it was a long time and he simply loves his mommy and daddy right now.


The party was great. Even though it was extremely humid, people still sat outside. Jeff did an awesome job setting up. I know it was a lot of work. I did the getting of food, invitations, cleaning inside the house and all the small details.


Now Jason is a member of the Catholic faith. It was all worth the effort.



  1. Congratulations to both of you. You are such wonderful parents as I can see. I'm sure Jason will grow a fine young man with great values. Thanks for sharing this fantastic experience.



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