Monday, July 22, 2013

Jason is 5 months

Jason is now 5 months old and life just keeps getting better having him in it. Just looking at him can turn a bad day into a terrific one. He smiles often and has the best laugh. 

I can tell that Jason is going to be smart, funny and caring. He just has that look in his eye. He loves kisses from mommy,daddy and his big sister. 

Jason can roll forward and backward but not an expert yet. He still gets stuck. He rolled to Lucky just to lay next to her.

For whatever reason Jason loves to hear "B" words and the B sound. He certainly has his favorite toys-cougar, a ball, a soft swirly toy and rattle.  

Jason is easy to get to sleep when tired. My sister gave him a light blue Winnie the Pooh blanket when he was born. It's very soft with the right weight. He loves putting it to his face and sleep. We nickname him Linus!

The best part about his age is when he looks at his family and knows that they are different than strangers. I love that I can take care of Jason a lot on my own (just not good at diapers and burping. ) I can also tell people exactly what he wants or needs 99 percent of the time. 

Jason also continues to discover his fingers, hands and feet. I love watching him analyze them in amazement. I'm crazy about my little guy!!


  1. I cannot get over Lucky sprawled on her back with Jason laying next to him.

    1. I couldn't believe she did that either :)