Monday, July 22, 2013

Laura's new room

Laura will be going back to school in a month!  Some parents might be thrilled by this but I'm not. I enjoy summer and yes I've heard her say she's bored a little more than I'd like, but it's nice helping her not be bored too.

She is definitely maturing and growing right before my eyes. Last Monday we took her to Ikea to buy new furniture for her room. She was excited and took a major role in choosing everything. Laura is very money conscious and read all the prices.

When we came home, we both warned Laura how long it would take and we needed her help.  I must say for weighing just about 40 pounds and only being six, she did quite well. 

First Jeff and Laura emptied everything from her room into the living-room. Then Laura and I sorted between the trash, donate and keep piles. Jeff arranged and put together furniture. 

Jason seemed well entertained. He just sat in his bouncy chair and watched Laura and I. Then after he was bored, he fell asleep. When he woke, he ate and just quietly laid on the floor until he dozed off again. It was very nice or we wouldn't be able to accomplish all that we did. 

Laura did get irritated, tired, hungry and bored. But I explained to her that we were all working together and it was all for her. That seemed to help a lot. 

After all the trash and donate bags were away and we kept what she wanted, Jeff was finished the room.  Then she and I moved everything in and Laura was a very happy but sleepy little girl!

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