Our first day at Ocean City, MD

We left around 7:20 in the morning which is very good considering we have a 6 year old, 4 month old and me. I planned on getting up at 5 but ended up getting up at 6. I quick got ready and handled Laura.

The ride down was thankfully uneventful. Jason only cried a little when we were 15min away from the hotel. The ride is 3hrs from our house. Laura was happy with her iPad and headphones.

Our room wasn't ready until 3:30 and we arrive at 10:20. We walked the boardwalk and town. We ate lunch at the dough rollers. I had pancakes with bacon inside them. Laura had scrambled eggs and Jeff had a sandwich.

Luckily Jason was awake but happy just looking around so Jeff could feed me and himself.

We let Laura swim and I came down with a migraine. It seems like very first day of vacation I get a migraine.

After we got in our room, we rested. Jeff unpacked everything and Laura helped unpacked clothes. My headache dulled and we went out to Embers. Jeff took me to Embers about 3 years ago and was impressed that I ate so many crab legs.

Laura loved it. Jason slept so that worked out. We again walked the boardwalk before turning in for the night. Laura was excited that I slept with her. The bed felt good and woke up headache free.



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