Summer time is so fast

Summer has been fun but so busy! I taught and Laura attended Vacation Bible School. We both enjoyed it a lot. 

After that we got ready to go on vacation to Ocean City, Maryland. It was the first time we took children with us so it was a whole different experience. The highlights for me were seeing Jason enjoy the fireworks. Laura loving the sand. 

One night Jeff went ahead to the hotel room because Jason was fussy. Laura and I strolled the boardwalk and I let her play in a well lit area of sand. She played with other children and looked so happily free. 

The week after that, Laura went to day camp at the YMCA.  She's been going to camp there since she was three. I was very happy when she told me that her best friend went as well. Each night she came home exhausted but I know she had fun.

The following week she had off camp.  We re did her bedroom. She got to relax and do various art projects. The week was very hot so we didn't go outside a lot.  Jeff took Laura to see Turbo and Despicable Me 2.  Laura also went swimming over my sister's house. 

She has spent time with Jeff's parents too. They went to museums, Chuck E Cheese and did many projects. This week she has her last week of camp, Dutch Wonderland,and the Kimberton fair.

The rest of the summer is free, but I'm sure it will bring lasting memories. One of my favorites for her is when we had her dress for bed and Jeff surprised her with a trip to Dairy Queen!


  1. OOOH,glad she's free, I'll figure out what's going on in the area and we'll schedule some more Babci & Dzjadzi time!!

    1. Lol the point was I'm happy she's free for us :)


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