Happy 6 months!

Jason has turned six months! I can't believe my tiny little boy has turned into such a sweet healthy and active baby. He's rolling both ways, fascinated by his hands and feet. And I never met such a happy easy going baby before. 

Jason loves to smile and interact with people. He might need a few minutes to get to know you but once he does, he will smile and laugh with you. I absolutely love seeing him in the morning. He gives a brilliant "how ya doing mama?" expression and smile! 

It's amazing how intelligent babies are. He knows a lot of my capabilities. Jason doesn't expect me to pick him up. He just knows that I do things differently for him and that is just fine. His eyes twinkle when I sing songs that he recognizes. He loves music! 

On Monday we gave him his first baby food. It was carrots. At first, he made the strangest expression, cried for a second and then opened his mouth again. He ate it all with little problem. 

Jason now weighs 18 pounds and is 26 inches tall.  In comparison, Laura weighed 19 pounds at one!  I'm getting used to buying bigger clothes at a faster rate. But most importantly,  he's healthy, learning, and happy. 

Jeff is helping him learn to clap and sit on his own.  We both are impressed with his ability to play with toys and enjoy them. Jason loves his family! 


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