Jeff's birthday

Jeff's birthday was last Sunday. Birthdays have always been a special.  It's one day we can celebrate the unique wonderful person they are. 

I planned a birthday for him based on hints he has been throwing all year.  It took some planning ahead since I don't have an attendant on the weekend. I picked up his cookie cake at Mrs. Fields at the mall.  I also bought him a pop corn popper because his is beginning to fail. Jeff loves pop corn! 

Lastly I asked my dad to babysit Jason so on Sunday I could take Jeff and Laura to Carrabas Restaurant. He's been hinting on that forever. Even though I'd love to take Jason, he's just not into restaurants right now. It makes it tough for Jeff to feed me, himself and keep Jason happy. So my dad agreed to babysit. 

When his birthday came, Jeff felt very happy I remembered all of his likes. Like every marriage, we have our ups and downs but in the end,my life is definitely happier with him in it. We seem to have the right mix of similarities and differences. Sometimes we think we just fight because we are bored.

Being parents to two kids has added stress on our relationship, but we are always trying to steer into the right direction. Jeff never gives up on anything he's passionate about which is one of a million things why I am in love with him!


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