Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mommy and Laura Day

It's been a very busy few days! I feel a little more settled now because Laura and I accomplished a lot and spent much wonderful precious time together. 

On Friday I was the first to wake up. Laura came out about fifteen minutes later all adorable and sleepy eyed. She said she felt excited for mommy Laura day.  I had her shower and get ready. 

After I was ready, did some cleaning and Jeff returned from the gym- we left by 10:30. Our first stop was Wegmans to eat lunch. Laura picked it. For those who never heard of Wegmans, it's a grocery store with assorted stations to choose from. Laura picked chicken noodle soup and I got a hoagie. After she finished I let her pick something from the bakery and she ate it after the haircut. 

We were in time for her Sweet and Sassy appointment. Sweet and Sassy is a salon for little girls. I have groupons for it so Laura got her hair and nails done. I got a kick out of seeing her all girly when during the week she was catching frogs! 

We ate our bakery goods and then headed to Toys R Us.  My dad gave her a gift card there that we haven't used yet so I thought it would be the perfect time. Laura made smart choices. She picked an etch sketch, a pack of baby doll supplies and a toy she could design by color and play with it. 

I purchased a few bibs, baby food and toys for Jason on his gift cards. It's hard to buy something for one and not the other. 

We then made our last stop at King of Prussia Mall. I went there specifically so I could get Jeff a cookie cake for his birthday. While we waited, we had milkshakes and a stop at Build a Bear. Laura made a very cute bear and we enjoyed doing it together. 

After we picked up a present and the cake, we went home. Laura didn't want to leave but my attendant was off duty soon. So we went home to play and eat dinner. It was a spectacular day!

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