New attendant and end of our summer...

It has been a great week but busy. Laura went to Pirate week with my dad, nephew, and sister. It is in upstate New York and as you can imagine, I missed her like crazy. I knew she was having an amazing time so that makes me feel better. 

On Sunday we had two unexpected visitors. One was Jeff's mom. She had some fun with Jason. Afterwards we went to a car show and Target. We met my sister(in law but more of a sister)  at Max and Erma. 

Even though we swore off restaurants until Jason is older, we went. Just as expected, Jason was pretty much fussy the whole meal. We all did the best we could but a fussy baby is no fun at restaurants. But I enjoyed seeing her and catching up. 

On Monday, my new attendant started! As anyone knows who relies on attendants, the first day is stressful. However, she did great. She loves Jason and so good with him. 

The rest of the week was full of cleaning, playing with Jason,errands, work out, coupons, grocery shopping, writing and some relaxing. My dad sent me pictures of Laura often so that helped!

The reality of Laura going back to school hit like a ton of bricks. Her new teacher called to introduce herself and I filled out back to school forms. The biggest sign in our house that school is coming is the school menu and bus schedule hanging on our refrigerator. 

For just a few more days, I'll hang on to summer with all of my might. Tomorrow I'm taking Laura out for a mommy Laura day filled with salon, shopping and food.  Over the weekend, we will have fun and enjoy the summer! 


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