Our camping trip

Camping! Ever since I've known my husband I knew he enjoyed outdoors and camping. He has always known I wasn't a fan and it has been something we just avoided. Until one day....

In the spring as we were eating dinner, Laura expressed interest  in camping. Jeff immediately perked up and said in the summer, they were going to go. I was not overly concerned because I just had Jason and summer seemed a far off place. 

Then about two weeks ago, my heart sank. On the way to the mall, Jeff said that we should better go camping before school starts again. I tried my best to have alternative plans like amusement parks,  aquarium visits, and possible camp in the backyard. It didn't work.

I don't like camping because its not accessible usually. I usually get hurt physically, my needs are compromised and I feel bad for needing things that I'm used to doing myself. Plus our family is bigger and Jason needs a lot of help now. 

I struggled a long time with going or just let Jeff take the kids. I decided to go because I knew I'd go crazy with boredom without them but most importantly I didn't want to miss out on cute moments and her reaction to camping for the first time. 

Jeff did as well as he could finding the best campground.  Unfortunately, what they considered to be an accessible bathroom wasn't. It poured rain the day we went which meant putting the tent up was extremely annoying. Jeff and Laura did it though. 

Jeff cooked some excellent meals.  Laura had a blast on the beach by the lake. On Friday she spent four hours there and Saturday it was seven. Jeff and I shared a lot of laughs. Jason enjoyed the baby pool and seemed content most of the time. 

The downfalls were I had to use adult pull ups much more than one would like. Getting in and out of the tent wasn't easy. But the most difficult part was watching Jeff do all the work. Cooking, cleaning, unpacking, packing, caring for me,  caring for Jason and helping Laura have fun.

We came home a bit early because thunderstorms were in the forecast and we were leaving next morning anyway.  I can't say that I regret camping because watching Laura being so happy, spending one on one time with Jason in early morning and laughing hard with Jeff was great.

I'm not sure if I'll go again or not. But I can say I was one happy camper to see my bathroom and took a nice long shower! 


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