Monday, September 30, 2013

Family eat together, eat better October

Eat better, eat together month is October. October is the best time to remember how important it is to eat together and eat healthy. The school routine is in place and the chill is in the air to bring us inside.

When people eat together instantly our social esteem raises. Not many of us like to eat alone. Children thrive on family time even if they refuse to admit to it. Turn the television off and turn on the listening ears.

Statistics say that eating together improves a child's grades and self esteem. They might just talk automatically without being prodded about their day. Conversation is always good between family members.

Healthy eating is always a good thing. It isn't always the easiest or cheapest , however, most beneficial for the health of the family. Soda is not good for anyone. Children need milk, fruit, vegetables and protein.

Have a good month and eat better!

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