Laura turns 7!

Last weekend was so much fun. My daughter turned 7 years old.  Seven years surely fly by. My pregnancy with Laura wasn't so smooth. I had morning sickness all nine months, had pain all over and had a mysterious pain in my right arm. That pain landed me into the hospital with a morphine drip because I hardly slept for 72 hours.

Like Jason, Laura was early. She was 3 weeks early born at 2:58am. She was tiny yet perfect. Laura is still tiny, and to me, perfect.

On Saturday, we had a small family party.  We had a great time. Jeff and I throw pretty good parties, I must admit. It's difficult for me to watch Jeff do all the physical stuff involved but I do the shopping, inviting, cleaning etc. Accept what you can do.

On Sunday, we had her friend party at Aerial's Gymnastics. She asked me for a party there ever since her older cousin went to a party there and told her about it. The unfortunate part was we couldn't invite her whole class. I always feel bad about it because I wasn't ever invited to a birthday party and know exactly how that feels. Terrible!

Laura had a blast though. Her smile said it all and everyone had a great time. They have people that do the parties for you. You just bring the cake. I'd recommend them to anyone.


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