Poor sick baby

The last two weeks have been a bit crazier than usual. Jeff caught a cold and shortly after so did Jason. Nothing worse than a sick child - especially a baby. 

We didn't rush to the doctor immediately but when he just sounded more and more congested, we decided it was time. The doctor diagnosed him as having allergies. It made sense to me because Laura has allergies ever since she was a baby.

When babies are premature, they are more likely to have allergies and respiratory issues. They gave him Singular to drink in his bottles. He did improve slightly but then he went downhill pretty fast. 

His eyes were red and goopy. Jason sounded very congested. We just started him on baby food and he refused to eat. So back to the doctor we go..

It's very sad to see your baby sick.  They whimper and try to smile but just can't. Jeff held Jason more and tried to keep him comfortable. In the meantime, I got sick as well and had a fever. I normally get whatever comes along.

So Jason and I had joint appointments. Jason looked so sad with his red eyes. It broke our hearts. He was diagnosed with a sinus infection and ear infection! The doctor put him on amoxicillin the antibiotic. Then he looked at me and said I had a sinus infection and I was put on antibiotics. 

Jason started feeling better the next day. I'm still bouncing back but better. Luckily, Laura has been okay.  We have been giving her the normal allergy medicine so maybe it kept it away.

Jason is now back to smiling, laughing,eating and being adorable as ever!


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