Public partnerships need to care more

In addition to the sicknesses, I have been dealing with some other issues. I hired a wonderful new attendant and she started mid August. She has had horrible luck medically. She called off twice. And then couldn't make it in at all this week. Now normally I'd obviously question if I had made a mistake in hiring her. 

However, all her issues are legit. She will be back on Sunday and hopefully good from there on out. We made it work but I'm looking forward to her return. My back up has been wonderful and even changed her schedule to come help me. 

Jeff also helped more in the morning and did more housework to help. I am looking forward to some normalcy though. 

The other stressful thing is Public Partnerships pay all attendants in Pennsylvania. They are the most difficult company that I ever dealt with.  My attendant filled out all the proper paperwork etc and should have been fine to work by mid August.  To my dismay, they refuse to pay her for 47 hours because they determined the date.

So now what? My caseworker can't get anywhere either. I'm going to contact my senator but have my doubts he will help. It's absolutely absurd. 

She is staying with me hopefully for awhile. I'll let you know how it turns out, but it looks like I will need to pay her out of pocket. 


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