School morning routine

Laura is back in school and everything seems to be going very well. She enjoys her teacher and her best friend is in her class. The first day was hard for me to let her go. In fact, I had tears for the first three days when the school bus pulled away. Once in a while, I still feel tears build up. 

We have a good morning routine. I get up about 8 minutes before Laura.  This way I can use the bathroom and start the shower for her. She showers, gets ready and we talk a bit.  

I have sneaker sandals that I can put on myself. The night before, Jeff puts my wheelchair in front of the couch. So I get on the couch and scoot to my seat. Laura fastens my seatbelt. 

I hung on the refrigerator a list of things she needs to do before and after school. This helps us not to forget anything. We normally have ten extra minutes that I built in for emergencies, wardrobe malfunctions or just a slow moving day.  Usually we chat or she plays on the iPad. I sneak in extra hugs or kisses.  

I often hear stories about school that just pop up out of the blue.  I enjoy hearing about life from a six year-old perspective. 


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