Friday, September 20, 2013

'Twas the night before seven

'Twas the night before turning seven and lots of excitement through the house. Tomorrow Laura turns seven and I can't believe what an amazing young lady she has become. Her birthday is always a little emotional for me. I'm sure Jason's will be too.

Laura's father died when she was six months old. He loved Laura more than anything. I remember clearly him holding her moments after she was born. He rocked her and sang," you will be in my heart" from the movie Tarzan. I thank him for helping create her. 

Laura's sixth year has been great. She has learned how to read, became a yellow belt in karate, became a terrific big sister, has many friends and is one of the smartest people I know.  Laura has the biggest heart and so thoughtful. 

Today was the beginning of her birthday weekend. Cassie helped me bake cupcakes for her class. She was able to share them and they sang happy birthday to her. Then her school had grandparents day. Laura was blessed enough to have three come. My heart broke when I heard some didn't have any come. But Laura's helped them not feel left out. 

My dad was able to hang out at her class and take her to karate.  My mom watched her do karate. Then everyone hung out at our house, my dad took her to dinner then they hung out a bit longer. 

Laura's book order also came in and that was  also a nice surprise because that was part of her birthday present.  Now in the early hours, my little girl turns 7 at 2:58am.  Thank you God for giving her to me to raise on Earth!

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