What physical therapists and others who mean well should know

I was reminded tonight how frustrating people can be at times. My husband was trying to have me feed myself baked beans with a spoon. As helpful as I know he was trying to be, it was  annoying. In his defense, I know he meant well because he encouraged me to try the iphone, ipad and pull myself onto the toilet. All these things I thought were also impossible, were not.

However, I knew I could not feed myself with a spoon.

Sometimes I think people need to listen to someone before pushing them to do the impossible. Otherwise their well meaning words sound hurtful and discouraging.

I was reminded how I felt when an OT forced me into hours of trying to button a shirt. She refused to listen or understand my point of view. I realize I have severe CP and accomplished more than many thought but I do have limitations.

I hope physical and occupational therapists would understand the line of a healthy challenge to an annoying nagging. It makes the person feel inadequate and defeated. Instead one should ask what they would like to work on and encourage positively.

In the end, I was fed my baked beans by my handsome husband...next challenge, please!


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