Breaking Bad and Dexter

Jeff corrupted me. Yes, I watched the show Dexter and Breaking Bad. Both of these are not my typical television shows. However, they are both so addicting.

I was pregnant when I first started watching both too. I had to look away at the disgusting parts. I remember clearly one episode of Breaking Bad when I actually threw up in the living room because of one particular scene.

Jeff and I bond a lot over series shows. We enjoy watching them at night after the children are in bed. We also relax watching them as Jason naps and Laura's visiting family on Saturday afternoons.

I always preferred Dexter over Breaking Bad but I must admit that the Dexter final season and finale were huge disappointments. Breaking Bad had the best ending and tied up loose endings. In my opinion, I think Dexter went down hill when Deb found out his true identity. It wasn't the same mysterious show after that.

Anyway, I have many fond memories of watching both with my husband. I'm also very happy Homeland,Greys Anatomy,Body of Proof and Ironside are on. Walking Dead comes back on soon too. I'm not quite a fan of that but it is interesting. It gives me nightmares!



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