Cerebral palsy day

October 2 is World Cerebral Palsy day. It's a day spent where people all over the world think of innovative ways to help and encourage those with cerebral palsy. People with cerebral palsy are all unique in how the disability affects them. Just a hand might be affected or the whole body.

Cerebral palsy is a difficult disability to hide. Speech, motor skills, walking and moving can be affected. Unfortunately, it's commonly misunderstood as mental retardation and some people actually think people with cerebral palsy move how they move on purpose. Statistically speaking, most people with cerebral palsy are not mentally retarded. And the body movements cannot be helped.

What does help someone with cerebral palsy is understanding and common sense. Stop assuming they are mentally retarded or deaf. Chances are you will look silly to act like that. Do your best to be patient when they speak and listen to them. Never tell someone with cerebral palsy to be still. Believe it or not, they would love to be but the body won't allow it.


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