Father creates wheelchair

Anything is possible if your mind is set to it.  Many two year olds are running around exploring the world. However, Alejandro has spinal muscular atrophy making it very hard to move. His father used his hacking skills to invent a motorized wheelchair for his son.

Alejandro's parents tried to get medical insurance to purchase him a motorized wheelchair. The insurance company denied them for five years. So his dad took creativity and ingenuity in his own hands.

He bought a $800 motorized chair on eBay.  Then the question was how would Alejandro be able to sit and drive his chair? His father adapted a seat for his son. 

He then took foot pedals and rigged them up to the wheelchair. Alejandro is able to move his feet. These movements help control the motorized wheelchair so he could steer where he wants to go.

When one door shuts, sometimes you need to open another door yourself!  Follow Alejandro's family on their blog.


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