Friday fun

 Our weekend turned into something very fun. I consider the weekend to be Friday and Saturday because I don't have any attendants or work. Sunday I teach and clean. 

Laura had off Friday due to parent conferences. Jeff had to go to handle some business activities so I had both kids on my own. We did perfectly fine. Laura is a big help but Jason is an easygoing guy. 

I like days like these. They might be a bit more difficult but it's fun just spending quality time together without someone here. Laura always loved these days ever since she was two! I think Jason will as well. We might not always do it by the book but they are clean, fed and happy.  Not to mention most importantly- loved!

We played, did homework and watched a little bit of television. We ate lunch after Jeff returned. It was a late lunch but that's ok.  Jeff took Laura to karate. A lot of people don't go to karate when school is off, but I pay good money for it so I would like her to attend. 

Laura has been off and on with karate. She actually wanted to quit.  I told her that I wanted her to stick with it until at least the end of October. Laura is really good at karate and it would be a shame for her to quit.  I talked to her karate teacher and he gave her a pep talk. Then on Friday she was praised a lot for her moves. They said she would be able to be on the tournament team if she kept up the good work.

That night was the final First Friday event in Phoenixville until May.  Laura didn't want to go so she hung out with my dad. Jeff and I took Jason. The band was great. They were much better than other bands that play usually. I danced a lot.  Jason enjoyed it too with his little feet kicking.    The weather was very warm. It felt like a spring night other than a fall night.

It was a great start to the weekend! 


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