Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hire someone with a disability

October begins National Disability Employment Month. Congress has set October to be dedicated for awareness for employers to hire those with disabilities in 1988. This was to replace Employ the Physically Handicapped Week made in 1962.

Currently it is hard for anyone to obtain a job. When a physical disability is added into the mix, employment gets even more challenging. However, fear is really the only reason why employers hold back in hiring those with disabilities.

Employers fear that people with disabilities won't be able to handle the position, afraid customers might shy away from the person or liabilities will increase. Fear should not get in the way of hiring great employees.

Employers need to hire people with disabilities. Statistically speaking, those with disabilities are better workers. They know their disability better than anyone and can adapt to the job. If customers seriously have a problem with them due to the disability, then do you really want their business anyway?

If you are an employer and are hiring, try to look at a persons credentials and look beyond the disability. You might just be hiring the best worker out there!

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