Jason is 8 months

Jason is 8 months old! He still continues to amaze me. His smile lights up the sky and his laugh melts your heart.  There is no way that you can walk away from Jason and still be in a bad mood.

He is growing into a big boy.  Most likely he is about 20 pounds right now.  He's beginning to fit into 12 month old clothes.  It's nice that he's so healthy in growing and weight.

Jason is working hard on beginning to crawl.  He lays on his belly and pushes his upper body up.  He just started to bend his knees.  He can move backwards and in a circle.  I don't think it'll be long at all when he's crawling.

He doesn't have a big interest in sitting up on his own.  We keep practicing and one day, I know he will. He's just on his own time.

Jason has learned to clap his hands.  It's so adorable to watch him clap.  He gets so proud of himself too. He also lives peek a boo and playing with his big sister.

Jason knows that I can't do everything daddy can.  He's fine with that.  When I'm in charge for a few hours, he's ok not being in the Jumperoo or exersaucer. He is very content playing on the floor.  When he's tired, he will just fall asleep peacefully with his soft blanket.

He loves his Jumperoo though and exersaucer. They are his favorite!


  1. Babies sure grow fast..I have a 20-month baby. I enjoy the joy he brings into my life. You sure have a cute baby. Congratulations!!


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