Jason is seven months

Jason turned seven months old. He is as precious as always and honestly a very good baby. He now weighs 19 pounds!  He wears 9 month old clothes.

Jason is a very happy baby. He smiles easily and has a fantastic sense of humor. I get a kick out of when he sees me in my wheelchair opposed to being on the floor. Jason gives me a look of disbelief followed by a light the room up smile. 

He now loves his Jumperoo and exersaucer. I was able to get the exersaucer at a yard sale for $5! It's in excellent condition and retails $80. We purchased the Jumperoo at the Just Between Friends Sale for $30. Normally it's $90.

It's so cute to see him jumping and having the time of his life. He also enjoys holding toys and making noise. He still likes his soft toys and blankets too.

Jason can sit by himself for a few minutes but he doesn't do it consistently. We are working on it. He eats three meals a day of baby food. He likes the Gerber brand the best. Anything else he pretty much refuses.

Jason is also learning how to clap and give high fives. Everyone that meets him loves his smile and twinkle in the eye. When he is happy or excited, his feet start kicking away.  Jason hardly cries unless he is hungry, tired or hurt.  He is an amazing little boy.


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