Monday, October 7, 2013

Laura's report card

Laura's school uses the trimester system. I haven't figured it all out yet but Thursday she had her SLC. SLC means student lead conference. Unlike usual parent teacher conferences, the student attends and participates.


Laura's teacher said many good things about her. She said that she can rely on Laura to do the right thing. I felt very proud to hear that. The only negative thing I heard was from her gym teacher who said Laura loses focus when she plays with her best friend.


After the meeting, we went to the hair cuttery where I had my bangs trimmed, stopped in the Goodwill and ran into Giant to stock up on Laura's favorite yogurt. Then we celebrated at Red Robin for lunch.


The day wasn't quite over yet. We took Laura to get her hair trimmed at Sweet and Sassy. I had a groupon there then headed to Toys R Us so Laura could return something and use gift cards.


I also got Jason a car that rattles and stacking cups. Laura got a game for her Leapster and a bracelet making thing.


The rest of the day we relaxed!


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