Monday, October 14, 2013

The rain proof poncho from Buck and Buck

How can a poncho give a wheelchair user independence? All season waterproof poncho from Buck and Buck has given me much independence to enjoy the outside no matter the weather. It keeps someone both warm and dry!

On a typical Thursday morning, I transfer into my motorized wheelchair to walk my daughter to the school bus. I saw it was rather dark outside so I asked her if it was raining and she replied yes. Normally, this would mean that I would either get soaking wet or stand at my door as she crosses a busy street alone. However, today I could try my All season weatherproof poncho.

I was apprehensive about putting it on by myself but once I pulled the zipper down, I didn't have much of a problem. I have athetoid cerebral palsy so my arms don't always do what I ask. It wasn't hard even one handed.

I noticed immediately that it covered my whole lap and leg area. As many people that use wheelchairs know, when it rains or snows our lap and legs become soaked. Not with the poncho made from Buck and Buck. I could also cover my joystick box so it wouldn't get wet and my driving arm would stay dry. 

The polar fleece lining of the poncho is not only soft but warm. When I went outside in the rain and 40 degree weather, I felt comfortable. And that says a lot because I'm normally cold. 

My daughter helped me with the hood although I'm quite certain that I could've done it myself.  I'm not a hood or hat person but this hood is comfortable and doesn't blind you. It kept my head nice and dry.

The rain didn't soak into the poncho. It simply beaded up and pulled away from it. I was very impressed.  My whole body stayed warm and no rain anywhere. 

If I had to give the All season waterproof poncho some criticism, it would be this. I missed not having a front pocket so I could store my cellphone. A pocket is always nice to have especially out in the weather elements. 

I'm so happy to have this poncho and not have to worry about a dangerous situation for my children anymore.  Thank you for giving me the freedom to conquer any weather. 

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